Thursday, May 5, 2016

10 Months Young

This month literally FLEW by - how did it get to be May already?? April was full of fun and challenges for the Burnetts - we survived our first stomach bug and then proceeded to give it to all of our guests at the crawfish boil we hosted - sorry friends... this #rookiemom thought after 24 hours we weren't contagious anymore...
Overall this month has been the best yet - I know I keep saying that but it is oh so true.

Both boys are trying new things every day - Wyatt has become even more expressive and loves to talk to Siri on the phone. His eyebrows and the way his face lights up slay me. Owen is WALKING yes, full blown walking, he is so proud of himself too - it's quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. Both boys babble non stop and love to read books to each other and play peek a boo together, I could watch them play all day. We unsuccessfully tried to drop our morning nap but they just weren't ready - teething has a way of making big babies seem little again. 

I still can't believe in two months we will have two TODDLERS - I feel like just yesterday we were going to the hospital to have them. I also never thought I would long for the newborn days but I think I am just far enough out of the haze to be wishing for another snuggle buddy. You might think I'm crazy but have you ever smelled a newborn? Do it and then get back to me. 

Loves: Pulling up on everything, standing in the bath, wrestling with brother, stealing toys, car keys, Daddy, Mama, eating bluebonnets, eating diapers, pulling on Daphne's hair, reading books, crawling as fast as possible, WALKING (Owen), Face time with anyone and everyone, playing on the fireplace, climbing onto the fireplace, climbing onto the activity table, climbing onto EVERYTHING, the splash pad, playing with the big kids everywhere, swinging, pushing toys around, peek a boo and chasing each other, exploring outside and everywhere in the house, dino nuggets, mac n cheese, all kinds of fruit. 

Hates: When mom takes things away, when anyone leaves the room, when mom tries to fish foreign objects out of our mouths, diaper changes, being still, being strapped into anything, nap time, anything that requires being trapped in the living room, broccoli, yogurt (owen). 

ANNNNNND Picture dump!!