Monday, August 17, 2015

Ten Things I Will Miss About Teaching

Just because it's that week... the first week of school for teachers, here are the top ten things I will miss the very most about teaching in no particular order...

1. The week before school starts, yes it's full of boring meetings but it's also the time when everything is still exciting and all your plans are coming together, setting up my classroom and pondering all the new ways to teach the same old things.

2. The night before the first day of school, it's like Christmas eve...

3. Light bulb moments - when that one kid who has struggled all year finally just gets it.

4. The hilarity of day to day classroom conversation (see my Facebook for examples of this)

5. My colleagues - I was lucky to work in an environment where my fellow teachers felt like family, walking into our coach's office always felt like coming home in a sense.

6. Teaching, simply standing in front of a room full of fully engaged kiddos and spouting knowledge. (while it is a rare occurrence for them to be fully engaged it happens sometimes...)

7. The relationships with the kids, having an impact on their lives and the thank you that comes at the end of a long hard year with "that kid" you know the one I'm talking about.

8. Making a difference - I have a feeling it's not long before I'm volunteering with at risk teens while the boys are in Mother's Day Out.

9. Lunch - some days it was a time to get out of school and visit/commiserate with friends, other times it was spent furiously taking care of last minute things and sometimes just 30 minutes of quiet in an otherwise crazy loud day... either way I'll miss it.

10. Learning; I will miss this the most - learning new innovative ways to do my job, learning new material and subjects, and most of all learning new things about myself each year.