Thursday, April 14, 2016

Humble Pie

As I was sitting down to put the finishing touches on a "day in the life" post about our busy but productive day yesterday God served me up a slice of humble pie. I wanted to write the post to remind myself and other moms of littles that we CAN get things done, it just takes a little perseverance. I wanted it to be a reminder that I can accomplish things - but I realized this morning that what I get done has nothing to do with me. It is by the grace of God that our little household is manages to be productive day in and day out. 

So with that in mind here's a little glimpse into our yesterday and this morning. 

5:45 - boys wake up ready to play - after nursing them I crawl back into bed for my 2 -  hours of uninterrupted sleep and the man I am lucky to call husband wakes up with the boys. He spends the next hour and 45 minutes playing with and reading to the boys.

7:30 - Time for hubs to get ready for work so I take over baby duty. Now that they are eating table food I set up breakfast and that keeps them occupied while I get ready to head to the mall for a Stroller Strides class.

8:40 - I pull out of the driveway on the way to an 8:45 workout - not too shabby as far as time goes. Usually running much further behind.

9:00 - We catch up with the ladies and jump into the workout - my arms are killing me today by the way... thank you Amber ;)

10:00 - l leave mall and head to meet a lady about buying our keurig - after hitting up starbucks of course (Side note: I finally got around to listing a ton of stuff that is just taking up space in our garage... check out the Bell County Consignment page if you're in the market for some garage treasure)

10:30 - both boys are passed out in their car seats (so much for dropping morning nap...) I head home to load up the things I need to return to Old Navy and Bed Bath & Beyond and print out the coupon for the oil change (FYI - local peeps BBBeyond takes buy buy baby returns)

11:00 - We arrive at Market Heights to get some shopping done - it only takes me 10 minutes figure out how to attach buggy bench to cart and unload/load the boys, then we head into stores to shop/return. Both boys were behaving nicely but started to meltdown after about 45 minutes...

12:00 - We hit up chick-fil-a drive thru and head over to NTB for an overdue oil change on the Tahoe... I made an appointment and it still took 2 hours... not sure we will be doing that again... we were at the tire change place from 12:15 - 2:15 - which is just too long with 10 month olds, it was okay though,  everyone was super nice and accommodating, we ate our lunch, the boys crawled around on the floor for awhile - then we walked to the park to swing and nurse - luckily it wasn't raining yet.

2:15 - As soon as we hit the road to head home - both boys passed out. After no nap all day it was time. I unloaded them - changed diapers and Wyatt went right to sleep - Owen had other plans... After about 40 minutes of CIO and cuddling and nursing it was clear he would not be sleeping today. Both boys were awake by this point so I barricaded the living room - sat out of sight in the kitchen and let them play while I enjoyed some me time. They played happily until Dad got home and I headed out for dinner with girlfriends.

*This is one of my favorite times of day... just listening to them explore and play together - it is one of the things that makes being a twin mom so fun. They always have a buddy and it is less work on me to entertain them.

Overall it was a fairly uneventful day - I'm sure there were things that I could have freaked out about, like when they melted down at the park and I had to nurse one standing up while pushing the other in the swing, but I think I've finally settled into the mind set that with two babies chaos is inevitable. 

Twin mamas, the sooner you accept that almost everything is out of your control.. the easier it gets, I promise.... and yes it DOES get easier, every stage comes with new challenges but you also get better at handling them and you become more mentally and emotionally equipped to handle the unique situation you have been blessed with. 

So yesterday I was feeling pretty good about myself... making it through a hectic morning with no total losses... I won't lie, I actually said out loud to myself "You got this, you are rocking it." (Yes sometimes I talk to myself in the car...) 

This morning I was in the same mindset, rocking and rolling ready to head out the door for another awesome workout when BAM - Wyatt face plants into a chair that he is pushing around the kitchen and busts his lip open (full disclosure it was totally my fault because I pulled the chair away to put it back where it belonged, not realizing he was still holding onto it #Momfail) 

Meanwhile, while I was cleaning him up I seemed to forget that Owen was on the loose, until I heard a splash followed by giggles and realized he was playing in the dog food and water bowl... after removing him from the situation I notice he's chewing on something, so I wrestle him to the ground and pull out what looks to be a Rolo wrapper... #Ievensweptyesterday

After finally getting them all settled and together, realizing that Wyatt only had a minor flesh wound and fat lip (pretty sure it won't be the last) I composed myself enough to realize we still had time to make it to Stroller Barre... which at this point I NEEDED. I got everything packed and headed out to start the car, only to realize my keys were not in the diaper bag, but in the front seat of my locked car. 

I had no choice but to give up at this point... I realized that some mornings you have to give in, you have to lean into the mess instead of trying to clean it up and control it. It's okay to take a day off, stay inside, eat another donut and cuddle up with your babies while Raffi sings some lullabies via youtube on your chrome cast. 

On the bright side, the boys are taking a MUCH needed morning nap and I'm going to spend some MUCH needed time hanging out with G-O-D. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

9 Month Update

Hey everybody... I've been on hiatus lately, these boys are mobile and frankly they are kicking my tired bum on a daily basis. My downtime has been reserved for binge watching Parks and Rec or housework... BUT while we were away these cuties turned 9 months old!! 

So here is your monthly update... only one week late :) 

This month has been a whirlwind as usual. We shifted from purees to regular table food full time and they are EXCITED! Both boys eat pretty much everything you put on their tray but they are so different about it. Some of their favorites include: macaroni and cheese, meats of all kind, refried beans, tortillas, queso, blueberries, bananas, strawberries... literally everything. Not a lot has changed since 8 months, just a little more mobile and a few more babbling words. Both boys are getting a little better at sleeping but still not through the night. I keep telling myself we will sleep one day but I'm starting to realize that day might not be until they go to college... 

Loves: Pulling up on everything, standing in the bath, wrestling with brother, stealing toys, car keys, Daddy, Mama, eating bluebonnets, eating diapers, pulling on Daphne's hair, reading books, crawling as fast as possible and of course giggling.

Hates: When mom takes things away, when anyone leaves the room, when mom tries to fish foreign objects out of our mouths, diaper changes, being still, being strapped into anything, nap time.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words I'll photo dump from the last month below :)