Wednesday, June 22, 2016

11 MONTHS...

I am such a slacker... I literally have a list of 10 blog posts with notes jotted down in my planner and I have yet to write any of them... another month has gone by and I feel like I just blinked.  This post actually sat in my drafts for 3 weeks - and I never did get an 11 month picture... above is my feeble attempt to get them to sit still and look at the camera.

Not a whole lot has changed in our little world - the boys are still all over the place. Owen is full blown walking everywhere - trying to run - which results in many bumps and bruises and lots of cuddles (which I certainly don't mind). Wyatt is attempting to walk and has taken a few steps here and there but he is still our caution little one.  One very new and sweet development this month has been watching the boys form their brother bond - they look for one another constantly and are always playing together. Owen loves to walk over to Wyatt and give hugs and kisses... I swear they call each other bubba... but that could just be me hearing things. While of course I am somewhat mourning the loss of the infant days I know there is so much fun to be had ahead - we will celebrate their first birthday in less than a month and with that celebrate our survival of the first year. 

It's true what most twin parents tell you - the beginning is a blur, and you won't remember much but oh what a glorious blur it is. 

Favorite Activities: Climbing over all barriers (silly mom, we cannot be contained...) chasing golf balls, throwing golf balls, stealing anything my brother is holding, banging on doors, opening and closing doors, locking brother out of every room (wyatt), blowing rasberries on bellies, pulling off diapers and shirts, banging on pots and pans, pushing bowls around the floor, pulling EVERYTHING out of the kitchen cabinets and drawers

Loves: Running away from Mama, playing with the carseat straps, opening and closing doors, drawers and really anything, toilet paper rolls, books, watching Daddy play soccer, pulling up on everything, standing in the bath, wrestling with brother, stealing toys, car keys, Daddy, Mama, eating diapers, pulling on Daphne's hair, reading books, crawling as fast as possible, WALKING (Owen), Face time with anyone and everyone, playing on the fireplace, climbing onto the fireplace, climbing onto the activity table, climbing onto EVERYTHING, the splash pad, playing with the big kids everywhere, swinging, pushing toys around, peek a boo and chasing each other, exploring outside and everywhere in the house, dino nuggets, mac n cheese (OWEN), all kinds of fruit - Wyatt has decided to be a picky eater over the last month... he might have inherited his mama's texture aversions.

Hates: When mom shuts the doors, when mom takes things away, when anyone leaves the room, when mom tries to fish foreign objects out of our mouths, diaper changes, being still, being strapped into anything, nap time, anything that requires being trapped in the living room, broccoli. 

annnnnnd the moment you've all been waiting for... the picture dump ;)