Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why blog?

I enjoy writing/blogging as an outlet and way to chronicle the outstanding and mundane. With two babies on the way I figured this would be a great way to document and collect my thoughts and stories while providing easy access for friends and families.

Things I plan to write/talk about:
  • Pregnancy documentation so I don’t forget anything
  • Funny and random stories about our growing family
  • An outlet for what I imagine to be a very different/overwhelming/blessed year
  • Monthly baby updates
  • The adventures of staying at home with two littles
  • Meal planning and recipes
  • Creative budgeting for a family of 4 on one income
I’m already 20 weeks, so let’s be real, I will not be the chalkboard, fruit holding, bump picture taking mama – I have never, nor will I ever be organized enough to do something weekly. However,  I would like to write down the random & the never forget moments of pregnancy & motherhood. I will attempt document each trimester and monthly updates after the babies arrive. I will also use this space as a way to keep myself accountable when it comes to meal planning & budgeting.

My hope for this blog is that it will be a place where I can be open and honest, sometimes over sharing in hopes of connecting with others and serving as a reminder that it’s okay not be perfect all the time. No one is the perfect employee, spouse, parent, friend or person but it’s okay because grace exists and we are all in this life together. I hope you join me on this adventure and look for these posts coming very soon:
  • Meet the Family
  • Life changes
  • Life REALLY changes (2 part post)
  • A list of mental musings from trimester one
  • The first trimester recap
  • How to start planning for twins
  • An open letter to my students
  • Gender Reveal